Monday, April 30, 2012

Sabbatical Reflections

So I'm thinking that I will share some of my learnings about myself as I move through this sabbatical time. Honestly, these are as much for me as for my readers. But if I'm publishing them on a public blog it must mean I don't mind you reading them. Your thoughts are welcome if you wish.

I'm also guessing some of these might even change as I think more about them and gain insight. Honestly, they are more of a snapshot of what I'm thinking at this moment. So for what it is worth:

#1. I really AM an introvert.

When I've done the Myers Briggs type tests in the past, I have waffled between introvert and extrovert. Actually, the older I get, the more I more I seem to move into the introverted category. (I suspect that is because I spend SO much of my life around people so I'm more aware of energy.)

I've alway have people question if I'm really an introvert. I think this is funny. ("But you speak in front of people!" or the more accurate, "You are a verbal processor!" etc.)  Granted, my desire to verbally process has been the thing that has made ME question my introversion the most, as I love to talk things out.

But if we define "introvert" as the Myers Briggs indicator does --"Introverts get energy from being alone" and "Introverts prefer to spend time in the inner world of ideas and concepts vs the outer world of people and things," than I'm an introvert. Still a mild introvert, but an introvert none-the-less.

I've found that the times I've been most energized in the past couple of weeks have been the times when I have been alone. Reading. Walking. Thinking. Although I HAVE enjoyed some times with friends (even though I haven't spent a lot of time with people so far), I haven't desired being with people as much as I thought I would. Granted, I know those times are coming. But for now, I'm enjoying my introversion.


Daniel said...

I too would have labeled you more on the introvert side than the extrovert side. However, I have never know your introvert self to get in the way of doing what needed to be done. For some introverts, like me, that can't always be said.

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to the first gift of life - breath. Both breathing in and breathing out - and then repeat. I play with the idea of introverting, then extroverting - then repeat. I'm still working on how to do the day in a 'fullness of time' style and find I do best with the first hour writing my morning prayers in a free flow style. Then 20 minutes on the treadmill. Then moving into the day. Even the hugest days of much public-ness, I'm balanced, grounded.

By the way - still praying at 5:30 pm - would you have a specific focus - I wondered about that last week.

May you rest in God's mercy and seek God's hope - Mj

Michele said...

triple word score for using "verbal processor." amen and amen to the awareness that introverts can be social, but when we don't get solo time, that social experience is often times less of a positive one :)